Income Protection Insurance Cover for 2024

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 It is available to carers and construction workers also.

Yes, some insurers allow contractors or company directors to pay for their income protection insurance as a business expense.

Tough to cover occupation types include Rail and rolling stock builders and repairers, Engineering technicians, Senior researchers, Managing directors of a start-up companies and Farmers.

Yes, for many people it is including uber drivers even.  It’s especially important for people with very little savings.

Some people like long term income protection insurance, but worry about the cost of income protection insurance.

It’s just to cover basic monthly outgoings and is not for high earners.

There are many types of income protection for nearly all occupations including electricians, doctors, nurses and even truck drivers.

It’s for people that want cover if they get sick or are unable to work.  Even people running a small business can get it.

As long as your claim is genuine, it covers illness and injury if you are unable to work.  Businesses sometimes buy key person insurance.

It provides an income for you in the event you can’t work.

Big insurers like Lloyds Bank and Canada Life offer policies to people that want a tax-free payment each month if they get sick and can’t work.