Lloyds Bank Income Protection Insurance UK

Lloyds Bank Income Protection Insurance UK Cover

Find out if Lloyds Bank Income Protection Insurance is ideal for you.

  • Monthly premiums start at £19
  • Cover up to 80% of your current income
  • Includes salaried people, the self-employed and company directors
  • Lloyds Bank Income Protection Insurance is not available on the comparison sites
  • Your income protection policy can go live immediately
  • Permanent health insurance is also available
  • No need for your family medical history
  • If you fall ill get a payout immediately so your regular income is not interrupted
  • Immediate help if you are a victim of unfair and constructive dismissal
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What is Lloyds Bank Income Protection Insurance?

Lloyds Bank Income Protection Insurance is an insurance policy provided by Lloyds Banking Group in the United Kingdom. It provides a monthly income payment to policyholders in the event they are unable to work due to illness, injury or unemployment. The amount of cover available with this policy depends on factors such as the policyholder’s age and occupation, as well as their salary.

Who Does Lloyds Bank Income Protection Insurance Benefit?

Lloyds Bank Income Protection Insurance helps both employers and employees. Employers can benefit from lower costs associated with employee absence due to ill health, injury or unemployment, while employees can benefit from a regular income while they are unable to work. This type of insurance also offers peace of mind knowing that if something happens, you will have some form of financial security even if you’re unable to work.

Who is Eligible for Lloyds Bank Income Protection Insurance?

The eligibility criteria for Lloyd’s Bank Income Protection Insurance vary depending on individual circumstances, but typically, it is available to individuals aged between 16 and 65 who are employed in full-time salaried roles within the UK banking industry. Additionally, certain exclusions may be based on pre-existing medical conditions or lifestyle choices, so it’s always worth seeking advice before signing up for any kind of policy.

How Does Lloyds Bank Income Protection Insurance Work?

After signing up for the insurance policy, if an insured person should suffer a serious illness or disability which prevents them from working then they would submit a claim via Lloyds Bank’s online portal or through a telephone call. If approved, then payments would start within 8 weeks and continue until either the insured person has recovered (subject to review) or until retirement age, at which point payments may cease depending on individual circumstances.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Out A Lloyds Bank Policy?

Taking out a Lloyds Bank income protection policy has several benefits, including access to expert advisors who will help guide customers through their options, ongoing support throughout any period where payments are made, and access to additional benefits such as travel cover, dental treatment cover, and mental health support services, all included within their policies depending on the type of coverage selected.

Are There Any Alternatives To Lloyds Bank Income Protection Insurance?

For those looking for alternatives to similar types of coverage then, other providers may offer comparable terms and conditions when it comes to payout rates and additional benefits included within their policies, such as Travel insurance, Dental Care Coverage, Mental Health Services, etc. However, it’s always best practice to compare different providers carefully before making a decision as different insurers could have varying levels of service or provide additional features that better suit specific requirements.

Sickness and unemployment insurance – short term income protection insurance

Challenging to insure of Liverpool Victoria high earners regular payments income protection policies, More2Life nurses accident and sickness insurance products, OneFamily income protection with short waiting periods, Yorkshire Building Society medical history independent income protection products, Royal London medical history independent income protection products and Axa income protection are 20 days, 21 days and 45 days.  Short-term income protection insurance is also available for electricians, truck drivers and small business owners.

Tough to insure of Aviva income protection insurance that covers mental health, Shepherds Friendly deferred period income protection policies, Churchill clear policy details income protection insurance, Principality Building Society accident sickness and unemployment policies, Nottingham Building Society permanent health insurance and National Counties Building Society income protection guaranteed policies are 45%, 60% and 65%.

Hard-to-cover job variants include Senior system engineer, Vlogger: illustrator, Marketing and communications intern, Uber drivers and Electricians and electrical fitters.

Difficult-to-cover occupation types include Raphael’s story, Water and sewerage plant operatives, Florists, Educational support officers and Festival PR directors.

Challenging cover occupation types to include Air ambulance pilots, Finance and investment analysts and advisers, Festival build managers, Journalists, newspaper and periodical editors and Human resource managers and directors.

Tough to insure occupation variants can include Sports psychologists, Digital engagement apprentices, Collections officers, Ambulance dispatchers and School administrators.