Income Protection Insurance For High Earners

UK Income Protection Insurance For High Earners

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  • Cover up to 80% of your current earnings tax-free
  • With a successful claim, get paid within 28 days
  • Immediate help if you are a victim of unfair and constructive dismissal
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Low cost Income Protection For High Earners



Income Protection For High Earners

Insurance to protect your income
Compare insurance quotes on income protection to determine if a policy will pay you if become disabled and in a position where you are unable to work.

You can get an estimate within less than five minutes
Compare prices from the top industry providers
Make sure you have enough money when you’re unable to perform your job due to an injury, illness or redundancy

Compare income protection insurance policies from leading companies

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How can you obtain an insurance quote for income protection?


Enter your details

Get personalized quotes in just a few just a few minutes by providing information about yourself as well as the kind of security you’d like.


Compare quotes

We look through our database of the top companies and present the top deals to help you safeguard your earnings.


Apply and be sure to insure

After reviewing the options after reviewing them, select the best income protection insurance plan for you and then apply.
What is income protection insurance?

Income protection insurance protects those who are unable to work due to an injury or illness. It’s a form of insurance that protects your salary to ensure that you get a steady income until you retire or resume work.

Income protection is distinct from critical illness insurance. Critical illness insurance pays an amount in lump sums if you contract a life-threatening disease.

Learn more information on the way income protection insurance works.
What kinds of income protection insurance are there?

A policy of income protection insurance For High Earners could be short or long-term.

Insurance for short-term income protection ensures you receive a monthly payment to replace your earnings in the situation of an injury, illness or voluntary redundancy. (It does not pay for voluntary redundancy.) When you have short-term income insurance, the regular payments are typically restricted to a specific time frame – usually between one and two years.

Certain short-term insurance policies provide payouts if you’re unable to fulfill certain aspects of your job they are referred to as “own work” policies. Additionally, there are “suited jobs” policies that provide only a limited amount of protection. They don’t cover you when your employer offers alternative kinds of work available to you.

With long-term income security insurance, UK companies typically protect you for the duration of your employment, or retire,, or the protection coverage is over. The policies typically provide the minimum of five years of coverage. This kind of coverage is intended for situations that are more serious that may result in your being not able to work for a long duration.

Different policies will protect you in different scenarios. Examples:

Permanent health insurance will cover you for a portion of your earnings if you are injured or suffer an illness that renders you unfit to work. It’s a long-term policy and can cover you until the time the time you reach retirement age.

Accident and sickness insurance covers you until you return to work, normally for one or two years.

Unemployment insurance pays an alternative income in case it is necessary to lose your employment. The payments are delayed, so it will not be immediate.

Unemployment, sickness, and accident insurance pays you in the event of illness or injury, or a loss of employment

There are various kinds of loss-of-income insurance that are available:

Guaranteed insurance policies are backed by monthly fixed premiums, which means you know precisely what you have to pay each month to get your income protection insurance

You can review your policies to alter the amount of income protection insurance following the expiration of a certain time

The premiums on age-related policies are higher as you age. But, your job or lifestyle is not a factor on the price you pay.

You are able to combine several policies if you want to however as many policies own the more you’ll have to pay in the cost of premiums.
Do you require an income protection plan?

This is contingent on your personal situation. It’s best to determine the monthly costs you incur and consider what you’d do if you were to lose your income. If you’re unable to cover your expenses It might be worthwhile to consider the possibility of a income protection insurance policy.

The income protection option can be useful if you has a family to take care of or financial obligations which must be fulfilled. Even in the absence of children, you’ll have to figure out an avenue to cover your expenses if you were to lose your income. If something happens to you that puts you without work the savings you have could vanish rapidly.

The insurance for salary protection provides security and is particularly beneficial for self-employed people or freelancers. It’s also helpful when you’re a contractor with no employer, you’re not eligible for benefits like sick pay.

However, salary protection insurance isn’t always necessary. The reasons you might not require the insurance include:

A fantastic employee benefits package, which means you’ll keep receiving income for a long period of duration of time

getting close to retirement, and being able to retire earlier

having a family member who can support you

your eligibility for government benefits that will cover all of your financial obligations

Here are more details about how to determine if you require income protection.

How much will the cost of salary protection insurance?

It could cost anywhere between £10 to £80 monthly. The factors that influence the cost of your policy are your health and age and the length of your policy, and the maximum amount of cover.

As you grow older or require coverage for a longer time or a greater range of eventualities and illnesses.

Certain policies cover illness and injuries, while other policies provide insurance against unemployment, too.

Are there other options for income protection insurance?

There are also kinds of policies that can be helpful in the event that you lose your income.

You can take a look at:

Critical illness coverage is a policy that pays out the lump sum in case you’re diagnosed with a serious illness.

Protection against mortgage payments: protects your mortgage when you’re unemployed

Redundancy protection: protects your income if you’re made redundant

In the event that I’m insured for income am I able to claim the insurance as when I’m done with work?

No. It’s not common for you to be covered during the first few days you’re off from work. The majority of policies require that you must take off for at least 30 days before you are able to begin to claim. Some policies allow you to establish an “excess time” when applying for your insurance.

If you’re deciding on your time off Be sure to think about the sickness benefits you can get through your company. It could be that you will only need the policy to begin paying out after the sick pay ceases.

For most unemployment insurance policies it is possible to have an exclusion of 90-120 days following the purchase in which you aren’t able to make a claim. This is to discourage those who are considering buying insurance when they know they’ll be redundant.

Be aware of how long you’ll be able to live on your own without a source of income before deciding to extend the time.
What details do I need to disclose to receive an insurance policy for income protection?

If you are applying in for an insurance plan, be sure you give truthful information about yourself. for instance, don’t state that you’ve never smoked cigarettes if you’ve. If you lie about your information and you are discovered that you have made false statements, you could be able to cancel your income protection plan and you’ll be unable to make a claim if you’re required to.

You may be asked to disclose the following details about yourself:




employment information

Status: self-employed or employed

life-style details (such as the likelihood of smoking)

the current health status

What type of insurance do you need?

the amount of coverage needed

The desired duration of the extra period

How can you choose the most effective insurance for income protection?

The most effective kind of income protection insurance is one that meets your requirements. The ideal policy will give you the coverage you require for the period you desire as well as the most affordable monthly cost.

To find the lowest-cost policy, you must compare the income protection insurance policies of most insurance companies you can. The information you gather will enable you to select the most affordable income protection policy that is suited to your requirements.

Insurance questions on income protection

Can I receive income protection if I’m self-employed?

Yes, however, you’ll have to submit a one-year audited account to prove your earnings when applying. You can find self-employed coverage here.
How long will an income protection plan last?

The majority of insurers provide coverage for up to retirement age Some specialize in short-term coverage for 12 or 24 months.

Will it pay me should I am fired?

You may be able to get insurance for redundancy, however, you won’t receive an award if you are dismissed. Find out more information about the protection of income here.
Can I pay 100% of my earnings?

Certain insurers may offer to take care of the entirety of your income however, they will still have to establish a limit on the amount they will cover that, for example you may receive 100 percent of your earnings up to PS50,000 per year.
Does income protection payout if I die?

The income protection policy will only cover your income during the period of your policy. Consider the life insurance policy to pay to your beneficiaries in the event of your death.
Do you need a different kind in income security insurance?
What kind of thing are you looking for?

Insurance for income protection

Coverage for mortgage protection

Redundancy cover

Self-employed cover

Unemployment insurance

Insurance guides for income protection
Get income protection insurance quotes

Compare insurance quotes for income protection to find a plan that’s right for you.

Learn about income protection insurance guidelines

What is income protection insurance?

If you could not work because of an accident or sickness How long would your savings be able to cover the cost of living? Here’s how income protection could help you.

Do you need to get income protection?

If you are unable to work because of an illness, accident or redundancy, you might require financial support for a prolonged length of time. This is how income protection can be helpful.

How can I claim income protection?

If you must quit work due to an injury, illness or redundancy, you must begin your claim for income protection immediately. Here’s what you have to do.

What is the reason to compare income protection insurance and money?

When you compare your home insurance policy, you may reduce the cost of the policy. The best-value income protection insurance gives the coverage you need and at a cost you can manage to afford. Pick a policy from the top UK insurance companies and look at the online discounts they provide.

Income Protection Insurance For High Earners

High-earning people top tax bracket


Big insurers that offer an income protection insurance calculator:

Lloyds Bank UK

Canada Life


Common income protection insurance policies are Lloyds Bank mortgage payment protection insurance, Barclays regular payments income protection policies, Natwest age-related income cover, Legal & General permanent health insurance and Nationwide Building Society income protection with a flexible return to work terms.

Some of the most common waiting periods of Lloyds Bank long term income protection policies, HSBC income protection up to your retirement age, Natwest continue to pay your mortgage if you lose your job insurance, Legal and General income protection, RBS short term income protection policies and Nationwide BS income protection up to your retirement age are 20 days, 21 days and 75 days.

Challenging to cover of LV= small business income protection policies, More2Life short or long term income protection insurance, OneFamily 12 months cover income protection insurance, YBS unemployment cover policies, Royal London income protection policies and Sun Life income protection guaranteed policies are 20 days, 12 days and 45 days.

Tough to insure of Standard Chartered long term income protection policies, Direct Line income protection with short waiting periods, Sainsburys clear policy details income protection insurance, Skipton Building Society accident sickness and unemployment policies, Nottingham Building Society long term income protection policies and Progressive Building Society unemployment cover policies are 50%, 60% and 70%.

Difficult to insure job variants can include Shopkeepers and proprietors – wholesale and retail, Science apprentice, Director at gaming companies, IT specialist managers and Knitwear designers.

Difficult to cover occupation types include Audio engineers, Humanitarian workers, Twitter curators, Senior researchers and Fire service officers.

Challenging to cover occupation variants include Artists, Gaming company directors, Songwriter for Kylie, Health services and public health managers and directors and Textiles, garments and related trades not elsewhere classified.

Tough to cover occupation types can include Operations managers, Managers and directors in retail and wholesale, Strategist, Metal working production and maintenance fitters and Construction site engineers.

This is not the cheapest income protection insurance by any means, it is related to the percentage of your income, so you could get say 80% of your income

With income protection benefit it can cover up to 80% of your salary tax free.

When you see the discussion around income protection insurance martin lewis it is very good for some people that have hardly any savings, but not ideal for other people that have savings or substantial lines of credit to rely on.

It’s based on your net income.

If you get sick or can’t work you can get an income for the rest of your life with insurance.

Aviva is one of the main insurers in the income protection market.  It can cover your monthly outgoings if you get sick and can’t work.

If you get sick or have an accident you can get a tax free income from an insurance policy.  You can also get cover for company directors and your mortgage.

It doesn’t cover you if you quit.

It covers a proportion of your monthly income if you get sick or have an income.  It’s available to doctors, nurses and carers.