Income Protection Insurance For Doctors And Dentists

income protection insurance for doctors
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  • Age-banded premiums are not available on the big comparison websites
  • Cover for ill health starts from £24 per month
  • Cover up to 75% of your tax-free earnings with ID income protection policies.
  • With a successful claim, get paid within 28 days – a competitive deferred period.
  • Immediate help if you are a victim of unfair and constructive dismissal
  • Get long-term illness cover for your financial commitments.
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income protection for doctors
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Best Income Protection Insurance For Doctors and other medical professionals

A doctor income protection insurance policy is standard because of the NHS sick pay entitlement and the exposure to half pay.  If you end up with ill health you may need to work out when NHS sick pay stops and if generous sick pay does exist.  Because of the approach of insurance providers, doctors’ income protection coverage can be very affordable and covers serious illnesses, support services, forced redundancy and other additional benefits.

Income Protection For Doctors with Sabbatical cover and overseas cover- NHS sick pay guarantee

An income protection policy for a medical professional can mirror NHS sick pay or better with affordable monthly premiums.

Income protection benefit and critical illness cover can have reviewable premiums where your personal circumstances can be reassessed.  It’s likely that the most appropriate cover will be cheaper than the cover offered to construction workers for example.

The trade union is the BMA.  They may be able to advise on income protection covered by guaranteed premiums and critical illness insurance.  Wesleyan income protection and Aviva income protection may also be an option for doctors’ and surgeons’ medical income protection.

How much does income protection for doctors cost?

You can get cover for as little as £24 per month and similar for income protection for dentists.

Appealing income protection insurance policies are Lloyds Bank mortgage payment protection insurance, Barclays Bank income protection insurance policies, Halifax income protection up to your retirement age, Legal and General critical illness insurance policies and Nationwide BS to cover loss of income.

Income protection insurance for doctors

Common deferred delays of Lloyds income protection cover, HSBC unemployment policies, Post Office income protection if you are made redundant, Legal and General income protection insurance policies, RBS unemployment cover policies and Nationwide Building Society income protection insurance that covers mental health are 30 days, 30 days and 70 days.

Common LTV percentages of LV= income protection insurance policies, More to Life statutory sick pay products, One Family continue to pay your mortgage if you lose your job insurance, Yorkshire Bank monthly outgoings insurance products, Principality Building Society clear policy details income protection insurance and Sun Life income protection with short waiting periods are 30 days, 31 days and 70 days.

Common LTV ratios of Aviva short term income protection policies, Shepherds Friendly nurses income protection reviewable policies, Sainsburys income protection up to your retirement age, Coventry Building Society high earners involuntary redundancy cover products, Newcastle Building Society income protection if you are made redundant and Cumberland Building Society regular income cover policies are 50%, 60% and 65%.

It is difficult to ensure job variants include Production managers and directors in construction, Customer service team managers, Hairdresser apprentices, Police officers (sergeant and below) and Wardrobe assistants.

It is hard to ensure that job types include media researchers, machine operators, science apprentices, cybersecurity apprentices, and programmers and software development professionals.

Ensuring job variants can include Journalistics, associate editors, studio directors, orthotists, carpentry joiners, and teachers is challenging.

Challenging to cover job types can include Climate change lawyers, Solar farm managers, Globemakers, Commissioning and development executives and Makeup business owners.

What is income protection insurance?

Income protection insurance provides a regular income in the event of an illness or injury that prevents an individual from working. The policy will typically pay out a monthly benefit, up to a set amount, until the policyholder can return to work or retire, whichever comes first.

Why do doctors need income protection insurance?

Doctors are considered at higher risk than other professions due to their job’s physical and emotional demands. They may be more susceptible to illnesses such as stress and burnout, which can significantly impact their ability to work. As such, having adequate cover in place can provide financial security if they cannot work due to sickness or injury.

What are the benefits of income protection insurance for doctors?

An income protection policy will provide doctors with peace of mind, knowing that their bills, such as mortgage payments and rent, will still be paid if they cannot work due to an illness or injury. The policy will also help with any additional costs associated with being off work, such as medical or travel costs.

How much does income protection insurance cost for doctors?

The cost of an income protection policy for doctors will depend on age, occupation, health history and smoking status. As doctors are classified as higher-risk than other professions, they can expect their premiums to be higher than those of someone employed in a lower-risk job.

What should doctors look for when choosing an income protection policy?

When choosing an income protection policy, doctors need to consider the length of time they need to cover and what exclusions apply, as some policies may exclude certain types of illnesses or injuries, such as back pain or stress-related conditions. It’s also worth checking what extra features are included in the policy – some providers offer additional benefits such as access to counselling services and support groups.

How can doctors get income protection insurance?

Doctors can take out an individual policy directly with an insurer or through their employer if they offer group cover Ias part of their employee benefits package. It’s important to shop around before deciding so you can find the most suitable level of cover at the best price available.