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  • Cover up to 78% of your current earnings
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Low-Cost Income protection for uber drivers

Insurance for income protection

You can replace your income if you’re not able to work.

What is income protection insurance?

Insurance for income protection provides a replacement income in case you’re not able to work, typically due to injury or illness. There are a variety in income insurance providing both long- and short-term coverage.

If you’re concerned about what will happen if you fall ill and lose your job In the event of a loss, income protection insurance may give you and your family protection. Here’s a guide on what you should know about income protection insurance.
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Is income protection worth it?

In order to answer that question then, you must think about how you would manage financially in the event of having to lose your income due to injuries or sickness. Without a steady income, it is possible to quickly go through the savings you’ve built up, and have rent or mortgage, utility bills or food, and even travel to cover. Insurance for income protection can give you the assurance of a regular income, ensuring that in the event of a catastrophe your monthly expenses are secured.

If you’re self-employed or if you’re employed and only have sick pay statutory (SSP) to take advantage of the income protection program could provide important protection.

Even if you’re eligible for SSP as well as not having dependents to be concerned about take the situation this way: if an illness or accident causes you’re not able to make your payments and you’re in need or income security insurance worth looking into.

It takes under five minutes for the income security ASU quote.

For the time frame, 1 June to August 31, 2021, 8,944 respondents answered the question to recommend. 8,226 answered with scores at or higher than 6 which indicates that 92% of respondents will likely recommend it.

What is an insurance policy for income protection will cover?

The amount you’re covered for will depend on the type of income protection insurance policy you purchase. The length of time you’re covered (the term of the policy) is also dependent on the type of insurance and the insurance company you select.

The short-term income protection policy can protect your expenses for sickness, accidents and unemployment in the event that you are not able be employed for any brief duration of time. For instance, if you hurt your leg or become redundant. Most policies cover you for 6 to 12 months, though certain policies can provide coverage for two years or more.

The long-term income protection plan will protect you from sickness and accidents when you are seriously sick or are permanently incapacitated. It will not provide coverage for unemployment.

If you’re unable or unwilling to get back to work, long-term insurance could give you an income that is regular until you reach retirement or until the term of the policy expires – whichever comes first. Talk to your provider to find out the specific conditions.

The term “income protection” should not be confused with Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). PPI is well-known for being often misrepresented earlier, and protects a particular debt when you are unable to work as a result due to illness, injury or unemployment.

For instance, it can help with your mortgage, credit card or loan payments.

Income protection can provide you with an income tax-free for the month that you can utilize as could with your regular income.

The types of income protection

There are many kinds of income protection policies:

Accident and sickness coverage (critical illness insurance) If you are unable to work due to a serious illness or injuries, the insurance will provide an alternative source of income to you to pay for your monthly expenses, up to the point that you are able to return to work. Most policies provide coverage for a period of one and two years. Find out more about injury and sickness insurance.

Unemployment coverage – if there is a loss of employment, it provides you with a stable replacement income. After a delay of time, which is the amount of time you must be patient until pay-outs begin and you’ll start receiving an income that is tax-free to make up for the loss of your income.

Find more details about unemployment insurance.

Accident, Sickness , and Unemployment (ASU) protection ASU cover is a combination of the two, in the case of illness, accident, or loss of employment This will help you protect the repayments on your mortgage or rent, in addition to any other financial obligations. Additionally, you can access additional income. Learn more about ASU.

Insurance for full income security will provide you with an annual income that is determined by a predetermined proportion of your earnings, typically 50 to 60 percent of the total monthly earnings. According to your policy it could run until you resume work or when it’s a longer-term policy, it will last until the time you die or retire.

Partially protected income – it may be possible that you’re able to resume work, but having fewer hours of work than you did before you got injured or became sick. The insurance company may continue to pay you a part-time income until you are able to full-time work.

What is the cost of the cost of income protection insurance?

This is contingent on your specific situation as well as the policy you pick. There are many factors that can impact the cost of Income protection policy. Here are some of the most common examples:

Salary – Simply put the higher your earnings and the higher your salary is the amount you’re hoping to pay, which means your repayments to protect yourself are more costly.

Work – The riskier the job you are assigned and the more risky your job is, the higher your rates will probable to rise. Construction workers and mechanics are more likely to be paid more than office workers, accountants and other professionals, for example.

Monthly expenses – If have a mortgage to cover or other costly expenses, you’ll require more protection to cover your current expenses if you’re not able to work.

Credit Card Debts – If you’ve got outstanding credit, loans or any other debt You’ll require a sufficient amount of money to cover these costs as well.

Status of marriage if there is an ex-spouse, civil partner or a family or a family, you may have members who depend on financial support from your income, which is why you require more protection.

Age – The more old you get the more likely you are to get sick or injured, making you more risky for your insurance company. As you age it is expected that you will be paying more monthly insurance premiums.

Health – If you suffer from any health issues that are pre-existing You could be more susceptible to severe illnesses that could cause you to be forced out of work. This means you’re more likely to submit claims. Smokers, expect to be paying more because you’ll be considered to be at a greater risk.

Lifestyle If you’re physically active, healthy and fit you can benefit from this. But if you engage in extreme or extreme sports it is more likely that you’ll get injured and have to file claims.

Do I require an income protection insurance policy?

It’s suggested that you have enough savings to cover a minimum three months of living expenses in the event of an emergency. However, even having accumulated some savings but it’s not likely to last in the event that you’re not working for an extended period of time.

When you, along with your household depend on your income to pay your household expenses A protection plan for income will ensure that your life would be unaffected in the event that you are ever unable work.

If you’re unsure if the income protection option is for you, speak to an independent financial advisor.

They’ll be able to provide expert advice and help you understand the options available.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the coronavirus outbreak affect the policies of income protection?

If you purchased income protection insurance prior to when the COVID-19 pandemic started it is still protected if you are laid off or suffer from serious illness caused by coronavirus. But, it is important to check the wording of your policy, to see if there are any exclusions listed. Most cases of COVID-19 however the illness is not severe, likely not enough to use income insurance for protection. It’s fine to take a standard leave of absence.

Can income protection insurance be used to cover self-employed individuals?

If you’re self-employed and self-employed, you’ll not be eligible for typical benefits for employees, such as redundancy and sick pay, which is why the idea of income security is one to think about. It will give you assurance that your finances are protected in the event that you are unable to work. Learn more about income protection for self-employed people.

Do you qualify for income protection during sick leave?

Income protection isn’t a problem with your sick pay as a statutory entitlement and allows you to take both benefits if you’d like to. However, the principle is that the insurance plan will take over once your sick pay is over. If you are sick and are unable to work, some employers will provide your wages for a specified time frame – usually more than 12 months. Make sure you know how much salary your employer will pay you and the length of time.

If you submit an application for income protection the policy won’t begin making payments until the time frame you agreed to when you signed the policy.

The longer the waiting period and the lower your monthly premium will be.

What’s the difference between medical insurance (PHI) and insurance for accident, sickness, or unemployment (ASU) coverage?

There are some differences:

PHI (also called long-term income protection):

You will be covered until you reach retirement age.

It is possible to arrange for the start of at the time that your employee’s has stopped receiving sick pay.

It only covers accidents or illness.

could require a medical check-up dependent on your medical background


It is designed to cover any loss in salary due to accidents or illness for a specified period generally twelve or 24 months, while you recover or locate an alternative job
typically, there is a 30 day deferment period (the amount of time you need to wait until payouts start)

This can cover redundancy coverage (in addition to accidents or illness) However, you usually need to wait 90-120 days before receiving funds.
is that it involves fewer health and lifestyle is a lot less

Can I be a part of several income protection insurance?

Yes, you can. Because the policies are created to assist during different periods of time and in various situations, A combination of policies will provide the best protection. However, you’ll be paying several costs. For instance, you might need ASU insurance to cover your against redundancy, and PHI to protect you in case an injury or illness prevents you from working.

What portion of my salary will it be able to cover?

In most cases, income protection only covers only a portion of the income you earned before you could no longer work.

It typically ranges from 50 – 60 percent of your total monthly earnings.

Can I obtain income protection for the passive streams of income?

Passive income is earned from an organization that the person isn’t involved in actively such as money made from the purchase of shares.

Some companies offer passive income, provided that it’s directly linked to your professional tasks.

It could take the form of bonuses, dividends or commissions, as well as benefits in the form of benefits in.

Be sure to read the policy’s terms and conditions to fully comprehend the definitions of your insurance company’s “income.”.
Income protection pays out in the event that I am fired?

If you are covered by short-term income protection and unemployment insurance, or a bundle ASU policy, you will be able to claim a payment if get fired.

But, you will not be able to claim benefits if you purchase an insurance policy following the time your redundancy was declared. Also, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get a payout if you decide to take voluntary redundancy.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions before buying to make sure that you qualify for unemployment insurance.

Do I have to apply again to protect my income if I move work?

You’ll be able to continue with the same policy in case you switch jobs, however, it is important to inform your insurance company be aware. If the new job you’re applying for is deemed to be a higher or less risk, your premiums might be increased or decreased.

Keep in mind that if your earnings go up, you may need to increase your coverage.

However, If your new position includes an excellent sick pay benefit it is possible to reduce your protection.
Do my income protection benefits increase as my salary rises?

It is contingent on the kind of insurance you choose. Certain insurance providers provide the option of an ‘increasing coverage’ policy that can increase the amount you receive in accordance with your earnings.

There are a variety of options to choose from:

Fixed increase coverage Your benefit will increase each year by a set percentage. Make sure you are aware of the price of your premiums could increase as well.

Cover that is index-linked increases means that your insurance benefits automatically go upwards each year in line with the rate of inflation. The premiums also rise every year, typically at a the same rate, but slightly more that your Retail Price Index (RPI).

How long will income protection pay out?

A short-term income insurance policy typically runs between six and 12 months, but certain policies provide coverage for as long as two years.

Long-term plans typically last for the minimum of five years. However, they may be extended until retirement age, or for the remainder the rest of your lives.

In both instances, prior to you purchasing an insurance policy, review the information to be sure that you’re protected for the period you’re looking for.

What’s an exclusion, or excess time in redundancy insurance?

Every unemployment policy has an initial exclusion time. This is typically a 90 to 120-day period, based on the insurance company, where you’re not able to file a claim. This is in order to protect the company from those who take out an insurance policy knowing that they’ll be laid off in the very near future.
Is income protection insurance paid out in the event of my death?

No. If you pass away your life insurance policy for income protection will cease to be in force. If you have dependents who depend to your salary, you might be interested in taking the life insurance. This will provide your family with security in case you pass away when the policy is in effect.

Who doesn’t require income security?

Some people do not need income protection. It all depends on your financial and personal situation. Here are a few examples of people who may not require income protection.

There’s no need to be the primary family breadwinner. If you’re living with someone with a secure enough job and income sufficient to provide for both and you could opt to get only an income insurance policy for their wages.

You could make do with the sick pay of your employer – in the event that your workplace has a great benefit package.

You may consider it sufficient protection in the event that you’re not able to be at work for an extended period of time.

You’ve got enough savings If you’ve been diligently saving for a long period of period of time, you may find you’ve got enough savings to take advantage of should you are forced to take time off from work. If this is the case, you could save and bank the insurance premiums that you’d otherwise have to pay.

Can I obtain income protection insurance even if I have a low credit score?

Insurance companies might look over your credit report to make sure that you’re honest about your identity and where you reside. If insurance companies have to look up the information in your credit record, it’ll be a “soft” search and will not affect your score on credit.

However, if you have bad credit some insurance companies might not provide income protection in the event that they believe you’ll struggle with payments.

Be aware that if you have multiple debts, the income protection is designed to protect your income. In the event that you’re in debt it may help pay back what you owe but will not be enough to cover all your obligations. Making more payments, or even to safeguard your earnings, can lead you to incur more debt.
Author image Mubina Pirmohamed
What our expert has to say…

“It’s essential that you are open about your medical history . You must provide your insurance company with the information they request. This could be the key to the success of your claim or a non-existent payment.”

— Mubina Pirmohamed, insurance expert
What information do I require to know in order to receive an estimate?

After you’ve selected the type of income protection plan you’d like, we’ll be asking you a few questions regarding:

your name, age, and address
the kind of job that you work in.
regardless of whether you’re self-employed or employed
If you use or smoke nicotine-based products
the period of deferred payment you select
your health
the amount of coverage you’d like, based on the amount of your income per month

Compare the income protection

It’s easy to compare prices and different levels of cover with comparethemarket.com. Use our comparison of income insurance tool and enter your information as well as the kind of insurance you’re looking for. It takes only just a few minutes to find the quotes available to you.

It’s highly competitive, and it’s best to look at different policies and rates to ensure you get the right coverage at the best cost.

Be sure to check the specifics of the policy and not just the cost because they all provide different levels of coverage. What your policy defines as an inability to work may determine when they pay out, so be sure you understand what it means for your policy.

Affordable Income protection insurance for uber drivers

Uber offers a variety of driving options that are flexible. Uber across the United Kingdom

Are you looking for part-time or full-time driver positions within the UK? Instead, consider giving the Uber app a go. Earn flexibly, enjoy exclusive benefits for employees and earn money while driving whenever you’d like through the Uber platform.

Guaranteed to earn at minimum at least the National Living Wage while you’re travelling on Uber journeys. It’s a minimum that is not a maximum and you’ll continue to be able of earning higher.
You can earn holiday pay while driving

Drivers will receive holiday pay. In addition, you’ll receive 12.07 per cent of your weekly earnings which makes it much easy to schedule some precious time with family and your friends.
Save your money for the future.

You’ll be able to access pension plans that include contributions from both you and Uber which will help you plan for the future and build an asset to save for the future.
Access sickness insurance or a New Parent’s payment

Through our Allianz insurance policy offers protection from the financial costs of life-altering circumstances by acquiring the insurance offered by Allianz. Today, events such as injury or illness, or even having a baby do not have to bring financial burden.
Develop new skills each day

Through our collaboration in partnership The Open University, you will be able to access more than 900 courses for free covering everything between business administration to astrophysics for you or a family member.
Alternative to the traditional driving job in the UK

Uber is a great way to earn money. Uber gives you a flexible earnings opportunity. It’s an excellent alternative to full-time driver positions and part-time driver positions as well as other part-time jobs, temporary jobs or seasonal work.

Perhaps there are other rides on your list that you’re using applications and would like to increase your earnings as a professional driver through Uber.

Uber platform.

Drivers who make use of Uber Uber app are from all backgrounds and professions, setting their own schedules so that work fit into their lifestyles and not in reverse.

Uber provides alternatives to traditional driver jobs in the major cities of the United Kingdom, including London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow and hundreds of cities of different sizes across the nation.

Why should you use Uber? Uber application to make money?

You can set your own schedule

Certain driving options can lead to long hours and strict schedules. If you create an account as a driver on an app like the Uber application located in the United Kingdom, you decide what time and frequency you travel.
Earn cash quickly

When you earn money from driving on Uber your earnings are automatically transferred to your bank account each week. In addition, with instant pay, users are able to withdraw up to five times per each day.
You can count on support at all times

If you have concerns, you can contact us anytime online or through the app. Find out about background checks, and promotions every week as well as how to earn your income, and more.

How do you use the app?

Here’s what you’ll need to do in order to sign-up for a courier or driver account.

Take the road, deliver using Uber Eats

Simply tell us the area you’d like to travel in, as well as the type of license you hold. We’ll send you an email with the next steps.

Verify the requirements for driving

Everyone is qualified to drive on Uber. This is what you should be aware of when travelling within London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Portsmouth, Southampton, Edinburgh and many more.

You could even join if you don’t possess a vehicle that meets the requirements of a vehicle in the UK currently.

The requirements for vehicles

Uber drivers in the UK. Uber is legal in UK

You must have a valid license in your city

To operate an Uber within the UK it is necessary to have a permit. Find out how you can get an official license with our no-cost Ignition Programme which will assist you throughout the process.

Already got a licence?

If you’re licensed then you’ll need some other documents in order for driving with Uber. If you don’t own an approved vehicle, we’ll be able to assist you in obtaining one.

What we can do for those of you living in UK

Let’s ensure that every trip is hassle-free. Our support pages will help to set up your account, start with the app, change the payment for your trip, and many more.

Got questions? Find answers. Receive personal assistance from one of the Uber Greenlight Hub in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Portsmouth, Southampton, Edinburgh and more.

Drive safely – Income Protection Insurance For Uber Drivers

The Uber app has a wealth of features that will keep you secure and safe prior to, during and after each trip. If you need assistance, Uber gives you 24/7 assistance.
Find out more about security
The Driver app

It is simple to use and trustworthy It was developed by drivers in mind. It will teach you everything you need to get an account as a driver with Uber.

Top drivers’ questions

How is driving on Uber compare to other driver options?

Different jobs in driving offer various possibilities. Certain driving jobs require strict schedules and hours. With Uber you are able to set your own timetable. It’s all about what you prefer, whether it is a traditional part-time or full-time driver position or you’d like the freedom to work as you please and at any time you want.

Explore all cities

Can I select the time I would like to travel using Uber?

Your schedule is entirely up to you. With Uber, you can earn money driving whenever you’d like, and control your personal schedule. It doesn’t matter if you want to drive all week or simply for a little extra cash, Uber is a great opportunity to be you own boss.
Please refer to the requirements for drivers.

I’m nervous about my first journey. What can I do to assist?

If you’re ready for signing to create a driver account on Uber and you’ll be able take an imaginary trip using the app. Before you begin driving you’ll be able to learn the fundamentals of the app with our step-by-step tutorial. You can play around with the app using the testing mode, from accepting the request for a trip before dropping off your driver and everything between.

Uber’s commitment to safety.

What do my clients have to ask for me?

If you’re an Uber driver, you’ll be able to access many resources available to help you learn how to make use of the app. If you sign-up to become a driver with Uber as well, you’ll have access to details and suggestions regarding where to meet your customers and how to contact or message them via the Uber app, if needed.

When I’ve been on a vacation What can I do to know what I’ll make?

Earning money while driving is an integral element of why you searched for alternatives to a part-time or full-time driving job . You chose to utilize Uber. Uber application to make money flexible. Therefore, we make it as simple to track the earnings you earn from passengers. No matter if you’re driving or not this app has useful tools. A cash amount displayed on the top of the screen will highlight your earnings. Find resources within the app that will give you more details about the latest totals and information.

Do I have to purchase the insurance on my own?

You’ll need to have your own insurance to be able to drive on Uber. We understand that the process of finding private hire insurance may be difficult, but without it, you’ll never be able to obtain an Private Hire Vehicle Licence and be able to drive with Uber. Find more details here about the various insurance options you can choose from.

How does surge work

Is Uber safe?

We are concerned about your safety. Uber has an international Safety team that is committed to working hard to prevent accidents within Uber. Uber app. Find out more about the security features available in the app and also protections like GPS tracking, the Emergency Button and number anonymization, by clicking the page below.

Learn more about Uber’s commitment to safety

I’m in search of drivers with full-time or part-time jobs in my area. If I decide to use an app like the Uber application instead, how can I know if it can be found in my town?

Uber is accessible throughout more than 10,000 towns around the world. Check below to see whether yours is one of them.

Check out all cities

What are the conditions to be able to drive with Uber for driving in the United Kingdom?

If you decide to sign up for a driver account on Uber it is necessary to meet the age requirement to drive in your town, possess an approved mode of transportation and present the necessary documents such as the private hire license from a city council Uber has been licensed to by, as well as an active driver’s license.

Drivers must also go through an enhanced background screen and have at minimum one year of licensed driving experience.

Check out the driver requirements

Do I really need my own vehicle?

You can join the driver’s club on Uber even if you do not have a vehicle right currently. If you’re looking to buy the right car, we’ll give you information to help you can find the right vehicle perfect for you. We’ll provide you with details on leasing and rental deals offered by our Partner Point, our sister company. Partner Point.

Their website is packed with specials on financing and rental options that aren’t available elsewhere.

What exactly is Partner Protection Insurance with Allianz?

Partners Protection, an insurance plan by Allianz which helps protect your financial interests from the cost of injuries or other life-altering circumstances like serious illness or injury, or the birth of a child. It is offered for free for all drivers who are eligible.
Learn More

The top cities of the UK to earn money from driving by using Uber

Northern Ireland


Common income protection products are TSB income protection, HSBC long period income protection insurance, Post Office monthly outgoings insurance products, L&G involuntary redundancy cover products and Nationwide Building Society deferred period income protection policies.

Popular deferred delays of Lloyds essential outgoings protection products, Barclays critical illness cover policies, Halifax mortgage payment protection insurance, Legal and General income protection if you are made redundant, Bank of Scotland income protection insurance policy options and Nationwide BS involuntary redundancy cover products are 10 days, 21 days and 40 days.

Tough to cover of Liverpool Victoria high earners insurance if you have an accident or illness, More 2 Life income protection policies, OneFamily income protection guaranteed policies, YBS serious illness income protection insurance products, Principality Building Society age-related policies and SunLife regular income cover policies are 20 days, 14 days and 70 days.

Tough to cover of Standard Chartered insurance if you have an accident or illness, Shepherds Friendly nurses income protection policy, Leeds Building Society income protection if you are ill or injured, Coventry Building Society regular income cover policies, Nottingham Building Society income protection cover and Cumberland Building Society essential outgoings protection products are 50%, 60% and 65%.

Difficult to cover job variants include Chocolatiers, Draughtspersons, Electrical and electronics technicians, Lighting directors and Medical practitioners.

Difficult to insure job variants can include Market research interviewers, Music PR managers, Physiotherapists, Aircraft maintenance and related trades and Career advisers and vocational guidance specialists.

Challenging to cover job variants include Management accountants, Makeup business owners, Accident and emergency doctors, Receptionist and Research engineers.

Challenging to cover occupation types include Tendering engineer, Contributors (digital platform), Lifeguards, Social services managers and directors and Production managers and directors in construction.