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Key Person Income Protection – best key person insurance

What Is Key Person Insurance?

Key person insurance an assurance policy that the business buys on behalf of the owner, a top executive, or any other individual who is thought to be vital to the company. The business will be the primary beneficiary, and it pays the premiums. This kind of life insurance may also be called “key man (or “keyman”) insurance,” “key woman insurance,” and “business life insurance.”

Important Takeaways

Key person insurance is a type of life insurance policy purchased by a company on behalf of an executive at the top or a similar critical person.

This type of insurance is required should the person’s death cause a major loss to the long-term viability of the business.

In small-sized businesses, the principal person may be the founder or the owner.

The insurance company pays the premiums, and also serves as the policy’s beneficiary should the policyholder die.

Understanding Key Person Insurance

Key person insurance can provide an investment cushion in case the sudden death of a specific person could profoundly impact the business’s operations. The death benefit is basically a way of giving the business time to locate an alternative person or employ other strategies to help keep (or close down) the company.

In a small company, the principal person in charge typically is the founder, the owner or maybe a key worker or two. The most important thing to consider is whether their absence could cause financial damage to the business. If that’s the case, then key person insurance is certainly worth looking into.

Alongside life insurance individual insurance is also offered as a disability insurance plan in the event that the insured becomes disabled and is unable to work.
Key Person Insurance: The Process of Key Person Insurance

In the case of key person insurance, the company buys an insurance policy for life on specific employee(s) who pay the premiums and is an owner of insurance policy. If the death of the individual the company will receive the death benefit of the policy.

This money can be used to fund the cost of hiring, recruiting, and in training the replacement for the person who died. If the company isn’t convinced that it’s able to continue activities, it may utilize the money to settle obligations, give money to investors, offer severance benefits for employees, or shut the company in a timely way. Key person insurance offers the business other options than bankruptcy immediately.

To determine if a company requires this type of insurance the company’s leaders should think about who’s indispensable in the short-term. In many small-sized businesses owners are the ones who is responsible for the majority of things like managing the bookkeeping and managing employees, dealing with important customers, etc. Without the owner the business could end up in a bind.

Types of Loss that are covered By Key Person Insurance

Key person insurance is a way to protect the company from a variety of risk. For instance, it could offer:

Protection of profits through insurance, for instance offset losses resulting due to lost sales or losses caused by delays or the cancellation of any business venture which involves a key person.

Insurance that protects the interests of partnership or shareholder. Usually, this allows the survivors of partners or shareholders to buy the financial interests of the person who died.

Insurance coverage for those who is involved in guaranteeing bank loans or business loans. The amount of insurance coverage is set to be equal to the amount that the loan or guarantee.

Cost of Key Person Insurance

The amount of insurance that a company requires will be contingent on the size and type of the company as well as the role of the principal person. It is worth getting quotes on policies of £100,000, £250,000 £750,000, £500,000 or £1 million policy. Then, compare the prices of each.

The cost will also be contingent on whether the business purchases an insurance policy for term life or permanent life insurance. Term life is generally considerably less expensive.

Additionally, the price of the insurance policy will differ depending on the insured’s health and general health as with other kinds of life insurance.

One major insurance company, for instance, currently charges £107 per month for £500,000 20-year term plan for a healthy 50-year-old male. The increase to £1 million would increase the monthly cost up to £190.

Key Person Income Protection Insurance

Product details

For more details, refer to the key documents to understand the policy summary and booklets

Overview of the Cover

For more information Download the document on product profiles

Minimum cover

There is no minimum amount of coverage. The policy is based on a the requirement for a minimum cost

Maximum cover

As high as £20,833 per month (£250,000 each year) for a level of cover that is, £14,583 per calendar month (£175,000 per year) from the beginning for increasing coverage.

The following is applicable:

As high as 2.5 times the principal employee’s annual income to pay the costs of the hiring of temporary replacements up to 75% of the company’s gross profits is attributed to role of the principal employee

The principal and interest payments of a commercial mortgage loan that is based on the work of the primary employee

Cover type

It is only available in a single-life plan

Coverage increasing and level available

The increase in cover is to reflect adjustments in the Retail Price Index up to an increase of 10 per cent

The premium rises proportionally to the change of the Retail Prices Index multiplied by 1.5 with a maximum of 15% per calendar year.

Minimum term

5 years old

Maximum term

20 years

There are certain professions which have restrictions on the time frame of the policy.

The policy must be ended before the employee’s 70th birthday.

Minimum age

At the time of the employee’s 18th birthday.

Maximum age

The day prior to the client’s birthday, draw up a plan


Each month, Direct Debit

Benefits and alternatives

Deferred time

Your client can pick from 14, 8, 13 or 26 weeks, and then choose from 52 or 52 weeks.

Limited Benefit Period

Optional. The benefits for each individual claim are only twelve or 24 months according to the option selected at the outset

Related Claims


Proportionate Benefit


Rehabilitation Support Service

Included at the time of claim

Wellbeing Support

Access is included. Service offered through RedArc Assured Limited

Waiver of Premium


Change your policy (previously known as the Guaranteed Insurability Option)

Increase the amount of insurance coverage for specific events, without needing medical evidence
Certain eligibility requirements and restrictions apply.

Other modifications

Your client is able to ask for other modifications in their plans. A new policy could have to be drafted.

Key Person

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