Income Protection Insurance For Farmers

Income Protection Insurance For Farmers

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  • Cover up to 80% of your current earnings tax-free
  • With a successful claim, get paid within 21 days
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Income Protection Insurance For Farmers



Income Protection Insurance For Farmers

Farmers & Life Insurance

Insurance offered by FarmersLife for farm workers is likely to be accepted on standard rates by most insurance companies. The insurance company will be more concerned with your health, travel abroad and leisure activities, rather than your job.

Farmers & Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness insurance pays the lump sum of money, in the event of being identified as having a health issue which is recorded in the insurer’s claims list e.g. cancer, heart attack, stroke.

Critical illness insurance for farmers will generally be provided on standard terms with a variety of insurance companies. Insurance providers are aware there are a lot of standards for health and safety in the agricultural industry which will prevent an accident from which could result in a serious health issue. The insurance company will instead concentrate on any medical information, plans for excursions abroad, as well as any dangerous leisure activities you take part in.

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Farmers & Income Protection

Income protection provides you with the equivalent of your income per month, in the event that you are in a position to work because of an illness.

Farmers income protection policies are offered with a handful of insurance companies that have their own definition of occupation. You should consider having your own definition of your occupation for the policy, since this means the claim you file is evaluated on your capability to be an agricultural worker. An occupation that is suited to you or any definition of occupation can be the result of any claim you put forward being evaluated by your capacity to perform similar jobs or any job.

A’suitable’ occupation or any definition of an occupation can lead to any claim you submit being evaluated on your capability to do similar jobs or do any other job. This means that the insurance can be difficult to obtain because the insurance company could claim that you’re still qualified to perform a different job than your own. Our financial advisors will ensure you that the claim is made with the appropriate insurer in order to improve your chances of receiving occupation insurance.

Farmers can get income protection with a deferment of one day, one week 4 weeks 8 weeks 13 weeks 26 weeks, (or 52 weeks). Consider any other benefits from your job or savings you have and the budget for your income protection policy before you decide on which deferment duration will work best for your needs. The shorter the period of deferment you select the shorter will be for you to wait for the policy’s payment. Our financial advisors are regularly assisting customers decide the most suitable deferment timeframe for their specific circumstances. We are more than happy to discuss the advantages of various options with you.

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Farmers & Travel Insurance

Do you have plans for going on a trip? When you travel on vacation, it’s recommended to get travel insurance. Check out our travel insurance page here.
Examples of occupations


Risks to be aware of

Safety of equipment
Exposure to dangerous chemicals

Job Tasks

Management of the agricultural sector
Maintenance of the farm
Handling and preparation of food
Safety and health
Transport of animals

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Risky Occupations
Foreign Travel
Health Conditions
Hazardous Pastimes
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Income Protection For Farmers


Farmers Union

Many of the most appealing income protection cover products are Lloyds Bank living costs insurance cover products, Barclays Bank short or long term income protection insurance, Post Office involuntary redundancy cover products, L&G deferred period income protection policies and Nationwide Building Society statutory sick pay products.

Some of the most popular deferred delays of Lloyds regular income cover policies, HSBC mortgage payment protection insurance, Natwest nurses income protection policies, L&G permanent health insurance, Bank of Scotland income protection cover and Nationwide Building Society wider range income protection cover are 35 days, 21 days and 65 days.

Tough to cover of LV= income protection insurance policies, More to Life regular income cover policies, OneFamily income protection with short waiting periods, Yorkshire Building Society essential outgoings protection products, Metro Bank deferred period income protection policies and Sun Life unemployment policies are 35 days, 30 days and 70 days.

Tough to insure Virgin Money high earners regular income cover policies, Direct Line essential outgoings protection products, Leeds Building Society income protection insurance policies, Principality Building Society income protection if you are ill or injured, Newcastle Building Society insurance if you have an accident or illness and Cumberland Building Society 12 months small business cover income protection insurance are 45%, 60% and 65%.

Difficult to insure occupation variants include Zero waste shopkeepers, Housing officers, Dental lab assistants, Tendering engineers and Mechanical engineers.

Hard-to-cover occupation types include Jewellery makers, Emergency medical technicians, Estate agents and auctioneers, Social media chefs and Vocational and industrial trainers and instructors.

Tough to insure occupation types include Senior creative, Software engineer apprentice, Hotel and accommodation managers and proprietors, Shopkeepers and proprietors – wholesale and retail and Health care practice managers.

Challenging to insure job variants include Web design and development professionals, Make up leads: TV, Air-conditioning and refrigeration engineers, Welder and Emergency medical dispatchers: call taker.