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We set up InsureClever as we struggled to find reviews of UK insurance companies that aren’t associated with sites that have an interest in selling policies directly or advertising the insurance industry. There are consumer reviews available on these kinds of sites and we would encourage people to read as many as possible from different sources, but we believe that consumers could benefit from an unbiased and neutral site that is dedicated to insurance issues without any agenda other than to offer people the opportunity to share experiences of insurance companies (whether good, bad or

The aim is to help people when researching all aspects of insurance including quotes, signing up, credit agreements, claims and complaints. We offer consumers the opportunity to rate various aspects of their experiences and see the overall rankings of firms. These ranking are weighted to take account of the number of reviews for each insurance company. 

It should be noted that the rankings on this site will not be statistically representative of the overall population as people are more likely to post a negative or positive review rather than a neutral review of an insurance company. The average review on this site is slightly above ‘2’ so it could be argued that anything above this score is a ‘positive’ ranking and anything below is ‘negative’.

All reviewers are asked to refer to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Posting a review on this site constitutes acceptance of these policies.

Please note that unlike some other sites, we will not publish any insurance reviews that we feel have been posted fictitiously and/or any reviews that we think have been posted by a company to promote policies.

InsureClever is not affiliated with any insurance company or intermediary and does not promote insurance policies or allow insurance advertising. The aim of the site is to build a community of people who can help each other by sharing their experiences of insurance companies particularly with information about claims and complaints. Any reviews that we consider not to be genuine will be removed and we will contact reviewers to check details of reviews if we think that aspects need clarifying.